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How to avoid the hearing in a retail store when customer says, “No I am just looking or browsing”?

We all are aware that RETAIL is changing and most of the people given a specific name to this retail and it’s called “Retail of the New World”. Retail of the New World is not all about online shopping or isn’t just changing brick and mortar retail. It’s turning customer experience on its head. Sales associate’s in-store are becoming less relevant because with each passing year technology allows customers to do more. With the changing of all these things the behavior of customers also changed.
If someone is visiting your retail store than its simple means he/she actually needs your product that’s the reason he/she find times to enter inside your store. We trained our staff to greet the customer with open heart, ask questions like May I help you? etc. And now shoppers answer with negative feeling saying, “No I am just looking”.
According to Mr. Bob Phibbs “There’s an area of your retail store shoppers will avoid; it is the first eight feet after your doors. Some call it the decompression zone, some call it the threshold area—it should be called The Hell Zone.”
Whenever a new shopper entered inside the store firstly give them time to relax and settle. Then greet your customer with an open heart. Greeting is important to make them realize that they are important to us. We are giving importance to them. Most of the shoppers appreciate having the time and space to look around. If they didn’t find the same than their answer will be “No I am just looking”. So give time to your shoppers when they enter inside the store and stop to greet them immediately.

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