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How to behave in an organized retail store?

Most of the people generally ask me about the behavior of sales staff in an organized retail store as like how to behave, their standing position etc. And it’s very much important to know to provide the signature customer service to your customers.
Sales staff must be aware about their position and their behavior on the floor . At least one staff should be there at the entrance point of the store to greet the customers with an open heart. Your greetings will make them to feel happy and comfortable.
Never be on the floor in a group. It will give a negative impression on the customers as like they might be think that all the staff are busy in their activities so why should we disturb them and due to this customer will not come inside the store.
Second reason is, suppose you are in a group having fun and at the same time a new customer enters inside the store and you are laughing among yourself but customers might be think that these people are laughing on me. May be on my hair style, my way of walking, on my dress sense etc.and it is something that will make your customers to feel uncomfortable and they might be go without any purchasing.
In sum it’s only your positive attitude that provides a signature customer service to your valuable customers.

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