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Brand Management – Positioning & Branding

Right brand positioning always works as a key driving force behind the various objectives of the organization. Brand positioning firstly invented in 1960, in highly influenced book named as Positioning-The Battle for Your Mind.


Brand Positioning benefit your organization in various ways such as mentioned below:

It set your organization apart from the competitors.

It helps you to keep focus on specific target market.

It drives further organization’s development plan and strategies

It provide tools to enhance the brand recall value and to win or acquire more clients


Branding is the key element to any organization and it helps in different ways as like:


Effective branding provides competitive advantage

Branding and its positioning provide a stable assets to the organization

It provides economic value (Intangible)


In sum, brand and its positioning tells the customers that who you are, what you believe in and what unique value you provide.

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