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Career in Retail

In the changing environment of Retail and Technology shopping has become a hobby of new generations. Retail industry is one of the fastest growing industry not in the India but in the entire world. Current scenario of the “Indian Organized Retail Market” is fabulous. Its current market share is 8% and market size is approx. $641 bn.

According to IBEF report,” retail industry in India is contributing more than 10% of its GDP and around 8% of its employment and it’s expected to grow at a CAGR of 10% by 2026”.


As we can see the Retail Industry is most dynamic and fast paced industry. All these things providing a new career choices to young generation. But to work in such kind of dynamic industry young generation and retailers need to understand the value of retail. Such a great contribution in GDP and in employment, a lot of completion is there in the market. Those people who wants to sustain their life in this changing environment of retail they must have to understand the values of retail.

When we talk about the value of retail it includes the following parameters:

Exceptional signature customer services

Hygiene environment of your store

VM standards of your store

Merchandise levels of your store

Retail Sales Training

Sustainable competitive advantage

Apart from all these parameter the thing that is required to work in retail is “Positive Attitude, Good Interpersonal Skills, Networking skills and leadership skills”.  There are good remuneration in retail as per the designation. To be a professional retailer you must have to follow the “Values of Retail”.

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