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“Coach your Team”
Current scenario of the “Indian Organized Retail Market” is fabulous. Its current market share is 8% and market size is approx. $40 bn. But still few brands are saying “Retail is Dying”. Retail is not dying it’s your store that is dying.
At the present scenario the main problem every organized store is facing is “falling traffic or lower footfall”. Now the question is how to deal with it and build retail sales? There is only one answer and that is “we have to do the hard work of creating a human connection with the shoppers”. And “training or coaching” is the key to creating a human signature experience.
At present time due to the digitization most of the customer’s shopped online but still people love to buy from the retail stores because they want to know the story behind the product, they want signature customer service, they want to create a human connection with the store’s team etc. If they truly love no interaction, they wouldn’t be there. All these shoppers want a feeling, a conversation and a connection.
If you believe in my views, then start to “Coach your Team” accordingly. It will not happen in a single day. It will happen only due to the continuously improvement and role playing in you store.

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