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Do different fixture types have different impacts in retail stores?

Due to the technological advancement it is much required to addressing the changing needs of offline (Brick & Mortar) stores in order to enhance the retail environments and experiences. Easy accessibility and use of internet, allow consumers to do shop more online as compared to offline stores. Offline retailers are always looking for ways to keep customers coming in the door.

Offline retail is not dying, it’s your business that is dying. At present time customers always look for something new which help them to make their decision on buying process.

Many retailers are there who are investing in unique fixtures designs and in-stores interior design and technology to create attractive, interesting and memorable shopping experience to shoppers. Online retail is growing rapidly but still 90% of U.S retail sales still come from offline retail (Based upon one of the research outcome). Many retailer are there who are renovating their existing store’s interior design, changing their merchandising strategies and finding unique ways to repurpose the physical space.

Every retailer is different and every project is unique. The right fixtures and design help the retailers and brands to achieve their various goals and objectives. Fixtures design and its placement enhance the customers shopping experience, close sales quickly, easy and enjoyable to shoppers.

The ultimate store environment will not only delight shoppers but also make work easier and more effective for store employees. Fixtures that are easy to modify or keep back stock within reach help employees to provide good customer service.

Retailers must focus on the below mentioned key focus area:

  • Using space wisely in a smaller footprint
  • Changing the store environment to meet peak demands
  • Bridging the gap between online and in-store customer experience

At present time customers are more interested in “touch and feel” concept. In such scenario it’s much required to provide live product demonstration to customers in order to give them memorable shopping experience.

“Great customer experience is key to customer loyalty and repeat sales”

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