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Everyone wants to increase their sale. But very few are there who are actually getting the same. Have you ever think about this? What is the reason behind it? Even though companies hired Sales Trainer providing proper sales ideas but still not getting the output as required. Something is there which is missing. Even though people still think that sales means an exchange of goods and services in terms of its value.
But now the time has been changed and along with the time, the meaning of sales is also changed. In my point of view sales means idea, attitude, trust and conviction.
Most of the people says, product knowledge is the backbone of sales. But it’s not true anymore now. At the present time mostly customers are educated and they knew more than your sales teams about your products. The term which makes customer to purchase your product is the trust and conviction of your sales team. And yeah of course communication still matter. Communication doesn’t means only verbal but it also includes your non-verbal communication as like your body language, your physical and mental presence as well. There must be an involvement between you and your customers instead of inform.
To maximise the sales, sales team must have to follow the “Blue Ocean Strategy” or in other words we can say “competitive advantage”. It is something which is not in your competitors. At the present scenario everything can be copied as like your product, your way of doing marketing activities etc. But the thing can’t be copy is Employees.
Your employees are your competitive advantages. This the thing which will make a Bond of Trust between you and your customers.
Apart from this in sales simply follow the FAB (Features, Advantages and Benefits) matrix. Always remember customer never buy any product, they always buy benefits.
For instance: suppose a customer purchased a Kurta for himself/herself. If we talk about its features we can talk about its colours, its shape, sleeves etc. If we talk about its benefits we can say about its fabric as like fabric is soft and smooth, perfect fit etc. When we talk about this advantages we can say it will give a traditional/ chic look to the customers. When we talk about advantages we generally talk about its core competency, what is advantage of it? It generally compare your product with your competitors.
In Sum- If you really want to increase your sales and profitability strictly follow below mentioned points:
• Sales attitude, Build Trust and Conviction
• Competitive Advantages
• Follow FAB Matrix
• Most Important Involvement instead of inform

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