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How to Drive Business Growth?

The major goal of any organization is to gain the profit. But the question is how to get the same? It’s a small question but it makes a bigger difference. Even though the answer is also quite small and that is “Customer experience”.

Customer experience still matters. Undoubtedly the primarily goal of any organization is to provide the best customer experience to their customers. The thing which is responsible for the same is organization’s culture. It’s an attitude that we have to spread across the organization. Customer Centric Organization culture helps to improve the customer experience.

Product knowledge is good, It’s something which gives you confidence, it will helps you to convenience your customers by making them familiar about the FAB of products.  But the question is how to retain the existing customers?  As I already mentioned in my previous articles “It is more expensive to find new customers than to retain existing customer”.

When someone visit you store you have to make your relation in such a way that leads to create customer memory. According to Peter Kriss, Harvard Business Review- “Customers who had the best past experiences spend 140% more compared to those who had the poorest past experiences”

Your customer experience is something that leads to create strong customer memory and the most important thing is “Brand Equity”. Here brand equity represents the brand preference and brand recall value.

Customer’s perception is the reality of your brand. The thing that will improve your business is not your product, it’s customers experience. Customer experience is an emotional connection. And it is something that will drive business for you.

This will helps you to create a competitive advantages in your organization.

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