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Enhancing Personal Effectiveness at Work

Common question in these days, “How an individual can enhance his/her personal effectiveness at work”?. There are few attributes such as personal effectiveness, time management & constructive team behaviors which are quite useful and helpful to an individual in order to enhance their personal effectiveness at work.

Personal Effectiveness (PE):

  • is all about producing desired behaviour and outcomes
  • It is having the capability to achieve personal objectives: “can do” and the will to put this into action-“the will to do”.

PE | Benefits:

  • Improved confidence and competence.
  • It also translate into advantages for the organization.
  • Having managers with improved PE has an impact on the entire subordinate staff as they exhibit greater motivation. It affects not only themselves but also those working with them and improve performance.

PE | Attributes:


  • Manage your own resources (identifying your learning styles and development plans)
  • Learning shock, refers to the experience of utter frustration, confusion and anxiety when exposed to unfamiliar situations and surrounded by performance anxiety and self-doubt.
  • Helpful for an individual- “Big fish in a little pool” to a “little fish in a big pool”. Moving from smaller organization to larger setups.


  • Beliefs in one’s capabilities to mobilize the motivation, cognitive resources and courses of action needed to meet given situational demands. 

Learning from Experience

  • One should not limit the process of learning only to the formal experiences from lectures, seminars etc. but seek out experiences that will provide learning opportunities.

Time Management:

  • Time Management | Planning | Setting Objectives | Prioritizing

Time Management means taking more control over how we utilize/spend our time and making sensible decisions about the way we use it.

Good Habits of Time Management:

  • Habit 1: The “to do” list
  • Habit 2: Clear Priorities
  • Habit 3: Saying No and Delegation
  • Habit 4: The best use of time
  • Habit 5: Achieve the big one-break it down
  • Habit 6: Do it now-get started!
  • Habit 7: Re-engineer your day-best time for best tasks
  • Habit 8- Adopt a Habit

Constructive Team Behaviors:

  • Understand own roles and accountabilities
  • Collaborate effectively with other team members
  • Make a team goal a higher priority than conflicting personal objectives
  • Be willing to share information, perceptions and feedback openly and respond constructively to feedback from others.
  • Provide help to other team members when needed.

Mantra of Success

“Always remember to carry with you a right attitude, an igniting mindset and a compassionate heart when you interact with anyone”

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