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Good Vibes Good Life Book Review Summary Made Simple: What You Need to Know

Are you really inspired to live a meaningful life?

Do you know about the “Law of Attraction” & “Law of Vibration”?

Are you aware of “How self-love is the key to unlocking your greatness”?

Have you read the book “Good Vibes, Good Life”?


If “Yes”, it’s great! You are on the right track to living a meaningful & successful life.


If your answer is “No”, then no need to worry! You are on the right page.


Here I would like to share a key takeaways summary of one of my preferred books “Good Vibes, Good life”.

Vex King’s book Good Vibes, Good Life is a self-help book in which the author discusses vital topics such as self-love, humility, failure, meditation, empowering thoughts, and living a more fulfilling life. This book is a must-read for anyone who wants to develop positive habits in his or her life.


About the Author: Vex King is the author of The Sunday Times #1 bestsellers Good Vibes, Good Life, which has sold over 600,000 copies in the English language and has been translated into 29 languages, and Healing is the New High, which has sold over 600,000 copies in the English language and has been translated into 29 languages. Vex King is an Instagram-famous mind coach who is currently in high demand as a writer and speaker.


He has an extraordinarily high level of engagement and is one of the most respected voices on Instagram in the fields of self-love and positivity.


When we are unhappy, our energy frequency vibrates at a slow rate, according to the law of vibration.


As a result, our cells’ performance isn’t as good as it could be.


Our energy frequency is vibrating at a high rate as though we are feeling zealous.


And because of this, happiness pervades the entire body via the bloodstream.


As a result, the author recommends everyone to stay in a high-frequency good vibes state because our cells’ emotions are determined by these.


Key Takeaways:

Love Yourself: As a result of social media comparisons and jealousy, this quality is fading like a dinosaur. Due to insecurity and comparison, many forget to appreciate their life’s software and hardware, i.e. their mind and body. In other words, if you are content with yourself, the world will come to you to borrow your enthusiastic Vibes.

The author stated, “Self-love is a delicate balance of accepting yourself as you are while yet understanding that you deserve better and working toward it.” And “True self-love is appreciating where you are and who you are, regardless of the changes you wish to make.”


Your Vibes are determined by Your Company: As if you are joyful, simply eliminate harmful toxic viruses such as individuals from your life because they have the potential to ruin your mood and your life. As a result, it is preferable to eliminate your distracting bad and lucrative sources, such as news, social media, and drowsy people. Because distraction is a seed of negativity in your land of life, and it can cause you to become dull and drowsy.


Good Vibrations Diet: According to the author, nutrition has a significant impact on our mood and feelings because it is linked to our digestion. According to him, when we eat raw, fresh fruits and vegetables, both our bodies and minds become happy since our bodies can easily digest them. On the other hand, eating packaged food makes us feel drowsy since it contains preservatives and puts stress on the digestive tract. As we all know, this is bad for both our health and our software, i.e. our minds.



Forceful Relationship: When we are in a controlling relationship, we bind our liberties and thoughts. Because we then become the property of someone, which is really inconvenient. Because insecurity and superficial make-up are now the foundations of partnerships. As a result, the author advises that the relationship between insecurity and superficial attraction should be avoided. They’re all dinosaurs, and they’re all going to die shortly. As a result of the low vibrations it installs in us, we are unable to focus on our objectives and awakening dreams.

Meditation: Meditation, as the author mentions, is an excellent way to install good vibes in yourself because when we meditate, our software (mind) becomes silent. Meditation is simply the training of your senses to live in the present moment. We become worry-free and anxiety-free when we live in the present moment. Because, like reptiles, they only appear when our minds are dirty or have a terrible vibe. This stage is difficult to reach, but if you do, believe me when I say you are the happiest and most zealous person on the planet.


In Sum, As Good Vibes, As Good Life is a self-help book that will assist us in transforming our bad mental germs into positive mental bacteria. And this book explains how to incorporate positive energy into one’s life as well as its value in our sensory-based lives.


In this environment of negativity, pleasant vibes are essential.

Essentially, this book is a guide to transforming negative bacteria into beneficial bacteria.


Good Vibes Good Life Quotes

  • Stop Trying to Impress people . Impress Yourself . Stretch Yourself . Test Yourself . Be the best sort of you that you can be .


  • Self love is the stability between accepting yourself as you are while knowing you deserve better and then working toward it .


  • Sometimes you have to unplug yourself from the globe for a moment, so you can reset Yourself .


  • We make life all about a upcoming time that exists only in our imagination and completely Miss what’s happening in front of you


  • Change the way you ponder , feel , speak and act and you begin to change your world .


Thanks for the reading! Also if you have any questions/feedback just shoot an email here- r[email protected] and I will try to answer them at my best.

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