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How to Greet A Customer?

Importance of Greetings!!!

Hey everyone! Greetings for RetailKuldeep.Com, Hope you all visited retail store for shopping as recently summer season is off and autumn –winter is there in the stores.

Had you guys notice that how many store’s sales team greetings you when you entered inside the stores? How was your feelings when they didn’t greets you? You felt relax or not?? Obviously not!!

Greetings is the first step to make your store’s sales happen. It’s important due to following mentioned reasons:

  • To make your customers feel relax
  • To realize them that they are important for us
  • Acknowledge their presence

Now suppose you visited any retails store and nobody greets you, nobody acknowledge your presence? How you will feel?

Greetings is the first step of signature customer service and 70% of people switch to other brands due to the poor customer service.  Greetings plays an important role when someone come to your stores who is actually looking something for someone else.  For example-A male customer enter inside a women ethnic wear brand and he wants to buy something for his loved ones. It’s quite obvious that he will not feel comfortable to do shopping as he came in ladies ethnic wear brand.

Now the greetings plays an important role. If you greet that customer from the beginning with open heart, smile faces, acknowledging his presence he will feel relax to do shopping.  It will also help you to create a strong foundation of engagement part with the customer. If greetings will not there he will simply look at your products and leave the store without any sales happening.


Whenever any customer enter in your store , you have to greet your  customer  with open heart, always keep smile on your face .The best way to greet your customer is to  Greet them as per the time schedule as like ‘Hello sir/madam’  Good morning ! welcome to abc (abc i.e. your store name )

It will helpful to feel relax and to create a strong foundation of “Customer Engagement”


In SUM- Greetings your customers is the basic foundation of sales happening in your store and to give a signature customer experience to your customers. Greet the customers in a way they makes them to buy and push them to come back.

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