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Innovative Customer Experience: Improve Retail Productivity and Customer Experience in Retail Store

At present time unorganized retail is shifting to organized retail and organized retail is shifting towards more customer’s centric approach. The face value of organized retail is constantly progressing and evolving. Offline retailer (Brick and Mortar) are constantly adding value in their customer centric approach in order to impress and satisfy their customers. Today’s customers are savvy and they know how to do shop using different platform as per their buying need. That’s why it is vibrant that organized retail stores are focusing on how to expand and improve their customer service in regards to improve the in-store customer shopping experience. But how can this be achieved?

Wow Factor: In order to get competitive advantage and stand out from competition in today’s retail environment, retailers need to find the wow factor which create memorizing and pleasant shopping experience to customers. Wow factor varies from retailer to retailer such as for few retailer wow factor is new technology which enhance customers buying experience and make shopping process quite easy whereas for few retailers offers a higher level of personalized customers service. The positive thing about wow factor is, it spread quickly by word of mouth marketing strategy and it can be an effective approach to attract new customers at your stores.

Personalise Experience: Today’s customers want special attention and pleasing shopping experience when they enter inside of the store. There are various ways and touch points to offer personalize experience to customers, such as adapted and customized products are very much popular. Similarly, serving personalized offers shoppers based upon their previous buying history, interest and this habit is very much effective in terms of engagement and sales enhancement. Small get together for loyal customer on special days (as like kitty part) is also one of the effective way for personalize experience with brand.

Invest in your Team: undoubtedly in many cases store’s staff either make or break the in-store experience for customers. Making it more effective, next level advice is “strong product knowledge, good knowledge of customer service and pleasant retail environment are just a few approach through which staff can improve and enhance customer buying experience at present competitive retail scenario. Staff’s attitude, learning, motivation and confidence level can be boost by offering different training and development program which will be helpful to enhance their overall career and also enhance the shopper’s experience.  

There are two key benefits of investment in your team such as “You are giving your employees the skills to perform their current role and responsibilities in a better way and offering your customers the best service possible when they visit your store”.

In Sum, at present competitive retail environment customers experience is quite important for both emerging and developed economies. Statistics shows that 86% of people will pay more for a better customer experience. Now organized retail is moving towards more customer experience centric approach as future of retail is “Experiential Retail”.

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