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Jobs are Changing, Role of Managers: Need to Change

“First, let’s fire all the managers” said Gary Hamel nearly seven years back in HBR (Harvard Business Review). Organization need to think about the countless hours that managers, supervisors and other higher authority dedicate to controlling the work of others.

At present time, problem is not that the management is incompetent or ineffective, it is something that the “Roles, Purpose & Responsibilities” of managers have not retained step through what is required.

Almost every organization following the 100 years back theory of management given by Henri Fayol which includes planning, organizing, staffing, directing & controlling. All these parameters of management theory have developed the default roles and dimensions of a manager. To get success, to help organizations to encounter with today’s challenges, to get competitive advantages in market, managers must adopt the below mention transformation:

Direction to Informative: Due to technological advancement most of the work which is more manual than psychological, more repetitive than inventive have been replaced with robots. The expectations from today’s managers is to think differently about the future. Jack Ma, co-founder of Alibaba Group, stated that, “Everything we teach to our students and industry people, it should be different from machine”. Learning will be the power of organizations in future instead of knowledgeable and manager will be the essential winner of learning.

Restricting to Extensive: Too many managers follow the process of micromanage. They never delegate the authority to other make decision and unnecessarily monitor other people’s work. This kind of restrictive approach limit the employee’s capability to improve their thinking and decision making. Managers today’s necessity to appeal out everyone’s best thinking and encourage people to learn.

Exclusive to Inclusive: Most of the managers believe that they have enough skills set and smart enough to make all the decision without interference of anyone other. Managers need to change their approach and need to bring various set of thinking on board for better planning and execution.

Monotonous to Innovative: Managers need to think about innovative way how the things can be done in more innovative and unique way instead of being repetitive.

In Sum, organization want managers to become truly being human again, those people who love to learn and teach others, who release and invent, includes other in the process of brainstorming and thinking innovatively. This new approach of systematic and innovative thinking, will ensure that organization simply do great things with more innovative approach which will be helpful to create a “Superior Business and a Healthier World”

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