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Meet India’s Most Amazing Retail Consultant & Digital Marketer – Dr. Kuldeep Kumar 2.0

Dec 21, 2028.

Dr. Kuldeep Kumar, Founder & CEO of the Retail Kuldeep, is an Indian recognized business strategist, expert in the area of customer service, digital marketing, retail sales trainer, consumer behaviour, brand management, project management, researcher, a blogger and author of three books.

Sure, that is impressive but what makes Dr. Kuldeep Kumar the India’s leading expert in retail industry? The answer is “his client list”. There are so many big and small brands who trust Dr. Kuldeep Kumar’s knowledge for creating an emotional connection with their brands.

Dr. Kuldeep Kumar was one of the top retail influencers of 2027, a recognition he is humbled and grateful to receive. His blog i.e. www.retailkuldeep.com have been named “Best Indian Blog For Retail” and he is a top voice on LinkedIn.


Dr. Kuldeep Kumar, spent 12 years in the trenches of retail ups and downs. He’s been a retail store manager, retail sales trainer, PhD researcher, brand manager, corporate officer and entrepreneur who fought his way to the top.

Here’s a summary of Dr. Kumar’s expertise and the results he generates for clients:

  • 12 years experience creating and implementing exceptional retail shopping experiences
  • Proven sales increase from 20-50% within six months
  • Exceptionally strong record of creating winning teams
  • Launched new brands
  • Online virtual sales trainer for thousands of brick and mortar stores
  • Known for accelerating success in visual merchandising, sales strategies, and business makeovers
  • Well known for brand management- branding strategies
  • Strong project management skills, planning & execution
  • Digital marketing expert, launched so many digital campaign for personal brand and Indian/international clients.
  • A digital freelancer

Learn more at www.retailkuldeep.com

Dr. Kumar is a “Doctor of Retail” when it comes to understanding the consumer’s behaviour, intentions & psychology. As per Dr. Kumar “Future is Digital”. That’s why Dr. Kumar started his own digital marketing agency named as “Apnadigital.com” which helped hundreds of retailers & entrepreneur to come online, expand their business and be available across the globe.

“Imagine how cool it would be if every retailer, entrepreneur, big/small business had their own online presence-Having a substantial digital presence can not only increase consumer awareness, but it can also work to strengthen your brand by building up your credibility”- Dr. Kuldeep Kumar

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