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The Role of a Store Manager in the Organized Retail

This is my first post and today i would like to talk about the role of a store manager. A store manager is responsible to the overall image of the store.as mentioned below:
Responsible for overseeing the entire store operations
Managing merchandise levels, store appearance and visual display arrangements
Supervising all activities required to achieve store sales, targets, and goals
Ensuring efficient handling of customers and maintaining high service standards
Maintaining the ambience of the store as per the company standards
Gathering customer feedback and acting on it
Stock taking on a day to day basis, and taking inward of goods

In short, for being a good store manager you have to follow the following three things:
Admin part includes your system related information where you have yo manage your daily sales report, stock related report, store’s performance report etc…
Stock part includes your stock related information, that how much stock you have available in your store, to maintain stock room properly and minimize the loss of inventory.
People part includes your team building process that how you are handling your team etc.

Hope this article will be beneficial to everyone. Till the next article …GOOD SELLING!!!!

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