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Visual Merchandising- Does it Matter for Communicating the Brands? The Secret Formula

Visual Merchandising (VM) is a noteworthy appealing practice that helps a brand and retailer to create the brand image. VM is a retail strategy that maximizes the aesthetics of a product with the intent to increases sale and enhance the shopping experience of customers.

Visual Merchandising is used for the product management in some way that is linked with the Presentation of products within retail stores in best specified way. Today every company wants to gain a competitive  edge  against  their  rivals in the market, trying to do best in terms of quality of products, service offerings with the products, cost effectiveness, etc.

Due to the Competition and similarity of the product, companies use visual merchandising to differentiate their brands, to increase the desire of the product, to attract the customers and to get return in terms of Sales. VM is very important to take the differentiation and competitive edge from the competitors.

Important Factors of Effective Visual Merchandising

Window Display: Window display is a creative method to present the products with the brief information that attract the customer to buy the products. Window display is most important and plays a vital role for the firm and retailer as well because it is the first meeting place with the consumer on store that creates a quick impression about the Brand and Store.

Shelf Display: In the retail store, shelves are the key locations for the assortments of the products. During the product placement every firm wants that its brands should be visual for the customers to attract them for purchase. It is also beneficial for retailers to manage the space in the shelves efficiently. Shelf management is a difficult task for every retailer. Retailer can increase the sale by managing the shelves of store in a better way. Reorganization of the products in the shelves  according  to the planogram and  stock keeping unit (SKU’s) is  necessary  for the batter and  effective management of the shelves.

Floor Merchandising: Floor Merchandising is concerned with the floor layout of the store, the floor space should be effectively utilized to get the higher returns. Floor Display depends on the traffic flow inside the store that is path of navigation for shoppers to access all sides of the retail Store. In Floor Display, Racks and Moveable shelves matter a lot, these things should be on prime positions.

Signage: Signage is not a very new term and it is used for promotions by the Firms and Retailers. In the start, the purpose of the signage was to communicate just basic information related with the store. But now it is considered as a vital part  of  the retail  store  to create  a  competitive and  unique  atmosphere  of the  Retail  store. Each firm wants to communicate effectively the information about itself and its  brands. It is a business link to the customers.  The objective of the signage is to promote impulse “stop and shop” to create an image about the product or service. Signage delivers the message and creates image about the brands of the firms at point of Sale.

POS Material: POS (point of sale) Material display is also an advertising technique to promote the brands of the firms. POSM Display also plays very crucial role when a company launches a new product in the market. Even POSM Display remains short term but it creates quick response of the customer at the POS about the Specific Product.

In sum, Visual merchandising has now become more about reflecting our times, our values and our aspirations. Visual Merchandising is a valuable tool for firms and retailers to get the series of advantages. It helps the retailer to understand the brand, to increase the sales by pushing the customer towards the product and it also teaches that how product should be segmented and displayed. It does not just push the customer for purchase but creates a good feel about the specific product and retailer.

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