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What is customer service? Five steps process for good customer service.

Customer Service: Customer service is a FEELING and it is either good or bad.

In other words customer service is an attitude  that means whenever any employee of the organization attend any customer it should be deliver in such a way that it must deliver a “signature shopping experience” or “wow shopping experience” to customers.

Why it’s required?

To make customer feel better

Attract and retain customers

To enhance the brand image in the market

To increase the recall value of the brand in the customer’s mind.

Benefits of Customer Service?

Increase the footfall of repeat customers

Increase the overall sales

Better cash flow

Keep maintaining brand image in the customers mind.

Become the customer’s first preference.

Customer Service Process :

H-Hello | E-Engage | L-Learn | P-Present |S-Serve

Step 1: H-Hello: First Impression & Greetings

Always welcome customers with a smile, eye contact and open hand gestures when they arrive

Wear neat uniform with your name badge visible (ID card) so customers can address you by your name.

Actively move around your zone so you are visible at all times to customers needing your assistance.

Step 2: E:Engage: Ask Relevant Questions to Know Customer Needs

Ask open | Probing questions

Demonstrate active listening

Confirm the required size

Inform about trend of season

Summarize customers answers to questions to confirm understanding of their needs.

Step 3: Learn: Learning within self to identify what to present

Based upon the first two steps create mental pictures of the different products that customer might like.

Always remember that the customer is looking up to you to provide them with options.

Most customers will actively take your suggestions very seriously , so suggest with conviction.

Step 4: Present: Present the Benefits

Show the products which matches the metal pictures as discussed in first three steps.

Always ensure to show a complete look, using both the hands.

Explain the features, advantages and benefits (FAB) and how the product matches customers needs.

Talk about the “Unique Selling Point”.

Seek permission to show new and hot selling trends.

Escort the customer to the trial room.

Quickly get add on options while customer is trying, and be within calling distance.

While customer is trying, check if the product meets customers requirement and suggest add on accordingly .

Step 5: Serve: Serve and Close the Sale

Check for more requirements

Offer online/free home delivery (if size is not available)

Close the sale with a questions as like “How would you like to pay for this” ?

Personally escort the customers to the billing counter.

Reassure customer that they have made a good buy and handover the bag.

Provide up to date information on current promotion, wash care and upcoming events (if any).

Bid a warm farewell and invite them back

In Sum, giving your customers the kind of service that keeps them coming back. This is something which will give you big dividends than anything else. If you follow these steps consistency, your business will become known for its “Good Customer Service”.

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